Usher Instructions

  • “Head Usher” – make sure all ushers are present and knows their assignments.
  • Securing gift bearers
  • Seating of people in the sanctuary
  • Taking up the collection
  • Communion ushering
  • Get your nametag; highlight your name on the list
  • Know special circumstances of the day (newcomer meeting, baptisms, unique procession, sign-ups, donuts, etc.
  • Ropes are up on the reserved pews?
  • Four chair caddies are in place at the pillars in the gathering space?
Secure gift bearers
  • If no card is presented to you, find a family or two or more people
Ushering to seats (before Mass begins)
  • Warn Fr. Vince if there are communion needs other than at reserved pews in back
  • Ushers need to work together to communicate open spaces
  • Five minutes before Mass starts, an announcement will be made asking everyone to move to the center of their pews. Support this by walking along the pews and asking people to move in, whether there is someone specific to seat at that moment or not.
  • Fr. Vince will handle people waiting for the roped-off section.


Ushering to seats (after Mass begins)
  • People can be ushered into open seats throughout the opening song
  • At end of opening song, the ropes can be taken down
  • After the opening song and the reserved section is filled, no more people should be seated in the sanctuary.
  • Set up chairs in gathering space if necessary after the opening song.
  • Intercept people who come late before they walk into the sanctuary; direct them to rear seating.
The Collection
  • There are 10 baskets
  • Get the basket(s) for your aisle during Prayers of the Faithful, go to rear of your aisle and walk up your aisle when all sit down
  • Main sections: hand a basket to person in fourth row from the back; then take baskets to the front. Front baskets need to be picked up when they reach the fourth row from the back
  • When the first basket is brought to the back, pour all money into one of the bags designated for that Mass and seal it shut.
  • Place this first bag of money into the large basket (clear side up), and send along with other gifts
  • Hand gifts and large basket to gift bearers; signal to Fr. Vince when the gifts are ready
  • Pour money from other baskets into the second bag for that Mass, seal it and take it to the sacristy to drop into the safe
Communion lines
  • Go to the front pew of your section after communion ministers have received communion
After Communion
  • As the last song is started, begin to pick up any chairs that may have been set up in the gathering space.
  • Make sure the Greeters are getting into place to hand out bulletins


  • Put back your name tag
  • General tidying/straightening
  • Make sure the collection money that was taken up with the gifts gets to the sacristy (if no one else has taken it there)
  • Put the ropes back up on the reserved pews

Greeter Instructions

The ministry of hospitality is an important one. It is really the charge of each member to be welcoming to one another—especially the guest. Nonetheless, you as greeter have a special ministry. You are the first contact people have as they enter our church and sometimes the last contact before they leave. We want people to feel welcome, and to be assisted with any need. Your presence will set the tone for the rest of their time here. You are like a host at a party—ministering to people’s needs as they come up. In order to do this effectively, you should know your environment:
  • Location of coat rack, nursery, cry room, bathrooms, hearing assistance devices
  • The ministries/procedures of the parish – you may be the person people will ask about how to register for the parish or get involved in a particular ministry
  • Special circumstances of the day (see BEFORE MASS instructions below)
EXAMPLE: A couple walks in struggling with a 2-year-old appearing new to parish. Let them know of the nursery if it looks like that will help them. Although we don’t currently offer regular childcare during Mass, it’s good for them to know about the availability of that area for a break or a diaper change. Also point out the “Mass Activity Bags” that are designed for young children.
  • Arrival and preparation
  • Arrive at least 25 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass
  • Go to the sacristy to get your nametag & sign in by highlighting your name on the list
  • Know special circumstances of the day (newcomer meeting, baptisms, unique procession, sign-ups, donuts, etc.)
  • Locate the bulletins to be handed out after Mass (they should be on the small bookcase near the sacristy)
  • Make sure each greeter knows their assignment
  • Welcoming at the door
  • Handing out of bulletins
  • Place a few dozen bulletins on the tables at the entrances and in the north hallway (be sure some are still there when most people have exited—some people still in church may need one)
Initial Greeting
  • There should be at least 4 greeters at each Mass; try to locate additional greeters if there are not 4
  • Spread out over the entrance area. Try not to all stand at the same place.
  • Areas to greet are:
    • Outside during good weather (even holding the door)
    • Outside helping people out of cars with umbrellas or an arm during rain or slick conditions
    • Inside the front doors in gathering space
    • Near the main door to the sanctuary
  • Greet with a smile and warm welcome
  • Note people who seem like they need assistance and go up to them
  • Limit lengthy conversations with any one person to make yourself available to all who enter.
Where and when to take your seat
  • You may try to save a pew anywhere in the sanctuary you like, but there is a section reserved for greeters so that you are always guaranteed a spot to sit.
  • As soon as the priest walks up the aisle to start Mass, you should stop greeting people whoare coming to Mass and should proceed to wherever you are going to sit for Mass.
  • Walk directly to the gathering space after receiving Communion
  • Pass out bulletins from positions that lead to the exits
  • Offer warm comments and a smile if they come naturally (e.g., “enjoy the day”, “watch out for the rain”, etc.)
  • After completed, return any remaining bulletins to the wooden shelf where they are stored (except for the few dozen on the tables and in holders)