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How blessed we are here at St. Boniface!

I am finishing my 15th year as your pastor, and I have seen tremendous change and growth in our parish during this time period. It's not only the increase in the number of families, but there has been great growth in our connection to communal faith as well. The number of families has increased from 450 in 2002, to 650 in 2008, to 1,700 today. This has meant the number of children in Faith Formation has jumped to over 1,000. We have also witnessed a growth in communal faith, For over 100 years, St. Boniface Catholic Community was a small rural community, and now we are a bustling faith community from nine cities and seven school districts. You can imagine how hard it is to keep up with all the growth. Nonetheless we have an excellent staff, engaged councils, and numerous formation offerings for the children and adults. Through your generosity we have built beautiful facilities that house all the activities of our vibrant community.

Despite all these positive efforts, St. Boniface Catholic Community faces serious financial challenges in meeting the needs of our growing parish and the expenses of supporting a vibrant parish life. Building a strong community in a growing parish demands additional staff to help facilitate all our sacramental experiences, faith formation, and the many activities that our parish has come to expect. Our parish leadership and I are asking you to help us increase our tithing. Our 1,700 families have 1,700 different financial abilities that can support our parish and we need each family to sacrificially support our parish according to your ability and allow us to continue the mission our parish – to help one another. If we continue to fall behind, then we can’t meet the challenges that face us. I am counting on you to consider increasing your financial support.

Please review the content of the brochure and consider how you can help our parish. Our goal is to substantially increase our total tithing income to maintain the vibrant programs we have and begin to seek new ways to meet the needs of our growing parish. Other parishes have conducted similar programs and increased their tithing 20%-30%. Please review the suggested guidelines for sacrificial giving see the recommendations below. Please bring the Commitment Card to Mass or simply drop it off at the Parish Office to renew your support for the work of St. Boniface Catholic Community.

Please watch our video to learn more.

Should you have any questions about this tithing initiative, please contact me at 515-778-9370 or email me at frvinard@gmail.com. I appreciate everyone’s past generosity to our parish and I thank you in advance for your support.

We are One Christ, One Parish, One Mission.


Fr. Vince Rosonke