St. Mary's


St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery is located eight tenths of a mile north on Dallas County Road R-16 (Quinlan Avenue) from Highway 44, northwest of Dallas Center.  This two acre cemetery is adjacent to the Dunkard Brethern Church. Click here for more information.


St. Mary’s Cemetery was originally affiliated with the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Dallas Center.  The first known burial, per monument dates, were the remains of Mr. Patrick Waters, who as buried in 1868.  The cemetery served the Catholic people of Waukee, Adel and Dallas Center.  After many years, the church in Dallas Center was closed and on December 18, 1962 the cemetery was deeded to St. Boniface in Waukee for its care and maintenance.



Contact St. Boniface Church, Waukee, or 515-987-4597 for further information.


Rules and Regulations

St. Mary’s is a nonperpetual care cemetery (maintenance and upkeep is paid by St. Boniface using funds from the church budget and gifts).

- Each grave will have the right to hold no more than two human remains provided one or more is cremains.
- The placing of monuments must be supervised by the Caretaker/Overseer of the cemetery.
- Grave covers or blankets are not allowed.
- Decorations will be removed at any time if they become unsightly.
- The cemetery is not liable for loss of vases, floral arrangements or any personal items.



Decorations, excluding any and all glass containers, which will be removed immediately upon discovery, will be permitted on the memorial portion of burial plots, but not on the grave itself, during the following periods:

Memorial Day | One weekend before until one week after Father's Day

Easter | One weekend before and one weekend after

Mother’s Day | One weekend before and one weekend after

Father’s Day | One weekend before and one weekend after

Christmas | One weekend before and one week after New Year's Day

Those who wish to keep their decorations must remove them from their plots before the decorating period ends.  Cemetery personnel will collect and discard all decorations and containers, except for the decorations placed in containers which are an integral part of the monument.



The cemetery personnel will remove and discard ornaments such as Christmas trees, fences, boxes, toys, pin wheels, balloons, metal designs and similar articles placed upon plots at the end of the permitted period.



Only annuals may be planted in a 12 inch wide space along the graveside of the monument.  All plantings must be maintained free of sod and weeds by the decorator, or cemetery personnel will remove and discard them.

Perennials and shrubs are not to be planted at the ends of the monument, without prior approval of the Cemetery Board.  These plantings are at no time to exceed 2 feet in height and 2 feet in width and are not to encroach upon the adjacent lots.  Those plantings not conforming to the above rules shall be removed and discarded by the cemetery maintenance personnel without further notice.


Clean-up Dates

Clean-up dates will be determined annually.  Generally clean-up will occur in April and October.  Please check the church bulletin for specific dates.


Cemetery Board

Fr. Vince Rosonke

Wayne Chizek

Carol Baldwin

Tim Bigley