Rich, vibrant music fills our worship community celebrations. Music often tops the list of reasons newcomers join our parish family and keep returning. Our musical goal is to help all gathered in full, active and conscious participation in our liturgy. Our eclectic mix of music is also designed to lift people's hearts to God. Each selection strives to reinforce messages conveyed in the readings and prayers of the day and for the season.


When is rehearsal?

During the Faith Formation year (Mid- September to the end of April), choir reheares in the church at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday evenings, with cantors and instrumentalist warming up at 6:30 p.m.

During the other (Summer) months, rehearsal begins at 6:00 p.m. for Cantors and instrumentalists, and 6:15 p.m. for everyone. On a few occasions a year, the choir may take off rehearsal or rehearse in the Mary & Joseph Room or elsewhere if the church is otherwise in use.

How long is rehearsal?

Rehearsal typically lasts about an hour, including prayer together. In addition, prior to special Holy Days, especially Christmas and Easter, rehearsal will extend beyond that to prepare for the special feasts. Soloists may rehearse more outside this time frame as well.

Are there differences between music at different Mass times?

Each choir has its own flavor and talent, but the same music is generally sung at each Mass throughout the weekend. What makes the biggest difference is the people who are able to participate in choir that week. Certain instruments bring their unique essence, and the number and quality of voices influences what harmonies are best.

When do Music Ministers show up before Mass?

30 minutes or more prior to whichever Mass you are ministering at.

Which choir should I join?

All choirs rehearse together. Music ministers form a unit where flexibility is valued. Travel and other conflict schedules are accommodated, and people often sing/play at different Masses from week to week according to their availability.

Do you sing traditional or contemporary music?

Both. We do virtually all types from chants to hymns to contemporary Catholic and Christian praise songs. Sometimes music heard on radio or TV will serve as an appropriate theme song for a season. We can sing and play in a variety of styles and languages.

What if I need music for a wedding, funeral, or special occasion?

Just ask. Several music ministers are available to sing and/play for special occasions. The director will assist you in finding someone appropriate for your special celebration.

Do I have to sing every week?

No. Flexibility is the goal - you can be involved as much or as little as your schedule permits. We do ask for communication for planning purposes.

What if I play an instrument?

We have sheet music and a need for some instruments to complement the choir singing and to accompany the choir. If you have a desire to play, please contact the director for further information.

I’ve heard soloists sing or play at Mass – What’s that all about?

From time-to-time we feature people in our parish - from young students to more mature musicians - who have developed their musical talents and rehearsed music that we deem worth sharing. Assembly members take heart and hope from witnessing the talents of others in our parish family. If you are interested, contact the director.