Joppa Current Needs
Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord (Proverbs 19:17)
Joppa continues to be amazed at the response and generosity of our parish.  Through your generosity we are able to donate on a weekly basis warm blankets, bottled water and toilet paper to the homeless. Thank you!
Joppa continues to be very low on toilet paper, bottled water, and warm men’s gloves.   In addition, they have become very low on batteries (D, AA and AAA).  We will also continue to collect new and gentle- used warm blankets throughout the winter months.
As with the blankets, these items are provided to the homeless at the Joppa Center and on weekly routes to the camps. Please place these items in the Joppa box in the entryway.  If you are donating large cases of water during office hours, please go to the office for a rolling cart.
Thank you in advance for your continued generosity and support for those in most need in our community. If you have any questions, please email Margaret Godwin at

Joppa Christmas Celebration Thank You
I hardly know where to start to thank this parish for your amazingly generous support for the Christmas Celebration for the Homeless on December 21 and for the support you have given in the other arenas of this ministry throughout this year.  I want to start with Father Vince for the very mustard seed that grew and grew–grew into reaching out to an organization like Joppa, grew into putting together an amazing core team of caring people, and grew into the many facets of Joppa outreach.  I personally want to thank each and every one of you who contributed to this Celebration in some way from the shoe boxes to the items that went into the shoe box gifts, to the youth who helped wrap the shoe boxes, to those who contributed to the Christmas Blessing Bags, which are different from the blessing bags we are handing out on a regular basis to which you have so generously contributed, to those who contributed all the wonderful baked items and snack items, and to those who acted as personal hosts at the Christmas party, sharing their love and compassion and conversation and aid to make this event very special.  All these items and considerations make those less fortunate just a little happier this Christmas, which makes us all just a little happier too for being the face of Christ.  As I said before, you all make me so proud to be a member of this parish.   Tamara Barrett

St. Boniface Joppa ministry to the homeless is underway!
By Deb Purcell, August 21, 2017

It all started back in November when we toured the tiny home in our parking lot and committed as a parish to raise funds to cover the cost of building and furnishing one of them.  Thanks to you, we’re doing that!  We’re raising $6,500 to fund our tiny home, and when it’s time to start building it, we get to help with that, too.  The completed home will be placed in a tiny home village that is being planned in Des Moines.

We asked you to let us know if you had interest in finding out more.  We had 80 people reply! We then held informational meetings with a presenter from Joppa for anyone to come find out about how Joppa helps the homeless, the challenges they face, and how we can help.  People were enthusiastic about developing a ministry at St. Boniface that would support the efforts and processes already in place with Joppa.

We set up two Camp Experience Tours this spring, and 35 St. Boniface members visited homeless camps in the woods in the metro area.  The campers were touched by our visit, and we were touched by their stories and their survival efforts.

We put together a Core Team who are meeting and working together to investigate our options, to work with the Joppa leaders, and to set the framework for this new ministry in place.  We surveyed the original 80 people to find out what part of this homeless ministry was tugging at their hearts, and what talents and abilities they could share.

Based on those responses we charted the beginning of this new, exciting, blessing-filled journey!  It will not only be a ministry to provide basic food and shelter, but also one of building relationships with a commitment to remain connected, to listen to their struggles with an open ear and a caring heart.

There are so many needs, so our Core Team identified specific ones to work on at this time.  Some of them involve direct contact with the homeless, others involve helping at the Joppa Center, and still others will be done here at St. Boniface.

Here’s what we’re going to do:
–make and deliver a Welcome Basket of supplies and kitchen items when a client moves into housing
–package Blessing Bags with small needed items for the homeless
–form teams of five (a Circle of Friends), to take turns checking in with a client in housing with a visit or a phone call once a week to see how they are doing, what challenges or hardships they are dealing with, and being a friendly, caring presence to someone now feeling isolated after living in a camp community
–provide hospitality to volunteers and clients at the Joppa Center
–serve on the Cooler Prep team at the Joppa Center assembling fresh food items for route delivery the next day
–construct the tiny home
–help organize the Christmas celebration for the homeless
–collect donations for the Welcome Baskets, Blessing Bags, tents, and for special request items like used bicycles

It’s not too late to be part of this great ministry.  If you weren’t able to stop by the display in the gathering space this weekend, you can still sign up to receive email updates or let us know you want to help.  Just contact me at or by calling 987-4597 and asking for Deb.

To donate any of the items listed in the two categories below, place them in the brown collection boxes in the church entryways.  Donations are accepted throughout the year.
Blessing Bags and General Items Needed
Welcome Baskets Items Needed

If you’d like to give financially, you can write a check payable to St. Boniface (write Joppa in the Memo line) or give electronically via WeShare Online Giving. (Contact Nancy in the parish office with questions.)

We are so thankful to everyone who helped us get this far in our ministry, for your input and time, for all the donations placed in the collection boxes, and for contributions to fund the tiny home.  This is just the beginning!

By uniting with each other and reaching out to the homeless, we can experience a transforming encounter with Christ, who has empowered us to become his presence in the world!

Visit the online photo albums below to see photos of the Joppa Center, the visits to the camps, and the tiny home.
Joppa Tour, May 2017, Album #1
Joppa Tour, May 2017, Album #2

What is Joppa?
Joppa is a volunteer-driven, interdenominational, nonprofit organization in Iowa that helps homeless people survive, get housing and rebuild their lives. They have been serving the homeless since 2008. Their mission is to create a community of unconditional love, support, and hope for the homeless, as we all work together to end homelessness.

Each week Joppa volunteers visit 100-200 people living under bridges, in tents, shacks, vehicles, and those recently transitioned into housing. Joppa supports community services by meeting unmet needs, such as homeless nutrition, street nursing, job training, transportation, and survival programs like winter heat and boots.

St. Boniface is excited to begin partnering with Joppa!  We met with their leadership to discuss ways we as a parish can best assist them. We were particularly interested in:

  • learning more about the areas they have the most need
  • areas where our parish can assume responsibility for a specific task or project, organize it, and see it to completion
  • areas where we can build relationships and ‘walk’ with people for an extended period of time, not just a one-time connection
  • ways we can help with an immediate need that JOPPA needs to respond to (for example, urgent need for tents, water, socks, etc.)
  • meal preparation opportunities
  • ‘behind-the-scenes’ opportunities
  • ‘direct service’ opportunities (interaction with the homeless)

Learn more about JOPPA 2017 Camp Experience tours. If you are interested in learning more and/or receiving email updates, contact Deb Purcell at or 515-987-4597.

To learn more about Joppa, visit their website at