Joppa is a volunteer-driven, interdenominational, nonprofit organization in Iowa that helps homeless people survive, get housing and rebuild their lives. They have been serving the homeless since 2008. Their mission is to create a community of unconditional love, support, and hope for the homeless, as we all work together to end homelessness.

Each week Joppa volunteers visit 100-200 people living under bridges, in tents, shacks, vehicles, and those recently transitioned into housing.

Joppa supports community services by meeting unmet needs, such as homeless nutrition, street nursing, job training, transportation, and survival programs like winter heat and boots.

St. Boniface is excited to begin partnering with Joppa!  We met with their leadership to discuss ways we as a parish can best assist them.

We were particularly interested in:

  • learning more about the areas they have the most need
  • areas where our parish can assume responsibility for a specific task or project, organize it, and see it to completion
  • areas where we can build relationships and ‘walk’ with people for an extended period of time, not just a one-time connection
  • ways we can help with an immediate need that JOPPA needs to respond to (for example, urgent need for tents, water, socks, etc.)
  • meal preparation opportunities
  • ‘behind-the-scenes’ opportunities
  • ‘direct service’ opportunities (interaction with the homeless)

Learn more about JOPPA 2017 Camp Experience tours. If you are interested in learning more and/or receiving email updates, contact Deb Purcell at or 515-987-4597.

To learn more about Joppa, visit their website at