Ushers and Greeters Needed
Being a greeter/usher involves welcoming parishioners as they come to services.  Ushers also handle the collection, help assist families taking gifts to the altar and guide people out for communion.  After Mass, the greeters hand out bulletins as people leave.

The current need is to make room in our pews for the many new families that have joined this past year and will be joining in the next few years. Here are the main points of our “growing” needs:

  • We have seen a net increase of 100 new families per year – which works out to about 350 new parishioners. We want all members of our community to experience a sense of welcoming and hospitality – whether that is a friendly “Hello” at the door or help finding a seat.
  • The current pool of volunteer ushers / greeters isn’t large enough to adequately handle these near-capacity crowds. The option of adding another weekend Mass really is not a viable option as there are no other priests who can assist us with one additional Mass a weekend.  Most of the weekends during the spring through fall,  Fr. Vince has  a wedding on Saturday and usually three baptisms each weekend; he is not able to add another Mass on Sunday mornings.
  • To make room for growth, we are asking all of you to consider helping by volunteering to be a greeter or usher. By adding another 50 greeters and 50 ushers to the volunteer list, we can certainly provide a welcoming atmosphere and help others in our parish find a place to sit. Since you are already coming to Mass, this doesn’t add any extra time to your already-busy schedules. (See information below about volunteering to be a greeter or usher.)

Lastly, Father has talked about a number of ways everyone can help; let’s make these a regular habit when attending:

  • Please try to arrive early. As Father has said, the priest should be the last one to enter the sanctuary.
  • Please fill seats from the front to the back. I promise this isn’t like being in class – if you sit at the front, Father won’t call on you to answer a question.
  • And finally, please fill in the space in the pews to ensure there is enough space for all. If you’re at the end of a row, consider sliding in to allow others to fill in more efficiently.  This is especially helpful for families with young children who may need to make a quick exit in the event of a meltdown or other parishioners who are volunteering .

This is your congregation, let’s make it a good one. No, wait.  Someone recently said being good is not good enough—let’s make it a great one! If you have an interest in becoming an usher or greeter, please contact Mitzi Chizek at or 515-577-5592 or Scott Fitzgerald at