Being a greeter/usher involves welcoming parishioners as they come to services.  Ushers also handle the collection, help assist families taking gifts to the altar and guide people out for communion.  After Mass, the ushers hand out bulletins as people leave.


Greeter / Usher Training Information

Hands…touching hands…reaching out…

I say “Yyyyowww!” when I touch a hot stove.  Feeling the heat, I jerk my hand away to prevent more burning.  What happens here?  Nerves in the hand send quick messages to the brain, which transmits back to the hand a much needed ‘get away’.  Our hands also let us know good things as well – texture of desired fabric, smack/halt of a caught baseball, smooth feel of clean shaven skin.  We desperately need input and action from our hands for our survival and functioning.

So it is with the Body of Christ.  We need hands to reach out, greet new people and information, integrate that into our Body, and then be the first responders taking positive action.  At Mass, we do our best when we know how people are doing, the struggles and victories they bring to the table.  We need to feel when a member is hurting or successful – to help bring healing or sharing where needed.

We ask you to Step Up and be the hands of St. Boniface when necessary.  We can do this from virtually anywhere.  Greeters/Ushers are the most visible means St. Boniface has to reach out to others… first and last impressions of our church… meeting special needs…integrating people into Mass by inviting giftbearers…receiving financial gifts to help the church keep its lights on and keep sharing with others in need.   Can you or your family serve as greeter/ushers for our parish family?

All parts of the body are crucially helpful to be most effective.  Sometimes we are the feet that take us in a new direction.  Other times we are the mouth that proclaims a supportive word.  Sometimes we are the heart that keeps things moving.  Our part often varies, according to our energy and gifts at the time.  Sometimes it is key to be the hands that feel the way and stretch our influence.

Contact the parish office at 515-987-4597.

Mitzi Chizek or 515-577-5592 if you would like to be trained as a greeter / usher.