1,500+ families in parish and growing at an average rate of ??% per year.
Likability and charisma of Father Vince
Growth of surrounding area, including school district
Newer facilities for masses, faith formation, and other church events (Hall and gathering space were built in 2001, addition built in 2007)
Positive appeal of our parish within the community
Parishioner retention
Numerous and varied parish programs, activities, and events
Strong parishioner involvement in activities such as Fall Dinner, Bonifest, and Angel Tree
Positive spirit of parishioners
Young families
Positive reaction to Pope Francis focus on service and inclusion
One priest infrastructure
Slow adoption of new technology to aid in sharing our ministry
Fewer priests, deacons, and sisters to call on to support our parish
Loss of intimacy and small-town feel at our parish
Relatively small percentage of parishioners volunteering
Low average yearly tithing per family to support the needs of the parish
Shortage of classroom space for Faith Formation
Inability of the Finance Council and the parish leaders to clearly and effectively communicate the financial concerns of the parish
Capturing more parishioners from the population growth of Dallas County and surrounding areas
Broader reach of our ministry through better use of technology
Committees and organizations could accomplish more
A greater awareness of the shifting demographics of the parish might allow us to better serve tomorrow's parish needs
Influx of new members can result in an influx of more talent
The relatively young parish population may be able to support a school
Ability to review and study what more progressive churches in our area are doing differently than we are
Get more youth involved in different aspects of parish
Create a marketing plan to better share our message
Increased number of parishioners could mean more tithing dollars and support our ministries
Create a welcoming committee to build a stronger bond between the parish and new parishioners
Increased demands on families for their time. Possibly less time for church
Competition from progressive churches in the area such as Lutheran Church of Hope and Point of Grace
State of church due to scandals and bad press
Current facilities may not be large enough to serve larger parish population in the near future
Father Vince's eventual retirement, and the installation of a new priest could affect attendance, membership, and tithing
Future large expenditures (roof replacement, HVAC replacement…)
Gridlock of ideologies within the Catholic church; people with differing views cannot agree enough to move forward