There are two office areas within the church. The main parish offices are situated to the right of the north entrance into gathering space. The second office area is the faith formation office and work center located in the northeast corner of the faith formation classroom area.


Main Parish Office Space

1 enclosed office (Fathers office) 240 sq. ft.

6 enclosed offices, approximately 160 sq. ft. each

Conference/Council meeting room, 220 sq. ft.

Workroom/copier/storage/kitchen, 170 sq. ft.

Secretarial work stations (currently 3 desks with room for 2 more) and reception area, 750 sq. ft.


Faith Formation Office Area

1 small enclosed office, 140 sq. ft.

Secretarial/storage/work area, 600 sq. ft., with a desk for a third worker in this room