Seating Capacity

19 class rooms at 450 sq. ft. each

228 seating capacity of 19 classrooms at 12 students per class*
*We can fit 12 children in a room comfortably.  Right now we have classes as big as 14, but that is really too many for the room size. Sue Peterson 1/7/15

3 meeting rooms (Mother Teresa, Romero, and Mary and Joseph rooms)

The Mother Teresa and Romero rooms are used on Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:45

The Mary and Joseph room (the larger of the three is not use for class as it is reserved for large group sessions

24: seating capacity for the Mother Teresa room and the Romero room (48 total)

75: seating capacity for the Mary and Joseph Room

99: seating capacity for three larger class/meeting rooms


Classes on Monday and Wednesday Evenings

On Monday nights* in 2015 there is just one session. The class is at 5:45 with 116 children in grades 1-7.
*Because of school functions, it is hard to get more kids on Monday night.

On Wednesday night there are three sessions:

4:30  238 children (100% capacity) including use of two larger rooms, grades 1-6

5:45  221 children (all but one classroom are used), grades 1-6

7:00  113 children (6th, 7th, 8th grades) One hall of classrooms not being used


Classes on Sunday Mornings

9:00    102 children (3 year olds thru kindergarten)

10:30     56 children (3 year olds thru kindergarten)