Check out the Christian Family Movement at St. Boniface

Ever wonder what it would be like to be good friends with other Catholics—the whole family?

Do you want to be around people who live their faith and can talk about challenges and good ideas in a real way? Christian Family Movement (CFM) groups through St. Boniface may be just the thing for you!

Groups of 5-7 households (ranging from a single person to a family of many) gather in homes on a monthly basis throughout the school year to share faith, friendship, food, and fun.  Minimal to no preparation is needed for meetings. CFM families are also invited to CFM games night and service projects. 

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Are You Married or Engaged?

If you are interested in getting married at St. Boniface Church contact Fr. Vince Rosonke for availability and details.  Please do so as soon as you can to reserve available dates and allow sufficient time for the many preparations involved.

Most couples marrying at or through St. Boniface are matched with a sponsor couple to help them prepare for marriage in the church.  This involves taking the FOCCUS inventory and discussing the results with your future spouse with the assistance of a trained married couple.  If you have questions about how this Marriage Preparation program works, please contact the parish office.


Serve as a St. Boniface Sponsor Couple

Help engaged couples by serving as a St. Boniface Sponsor Couple.

Together you help couples communicate with each other through helping them take and discuss the FOCCUS inventory —assessing their compatibility in 10+ key areas.  You will be matched with 1-3 couples each year and meet with each couple 3-6 times.

Free training is provided. Interested? Contat the parish office for more information.

Fine Tune your Marriage or Get Marriage Help

Marriage is not perfect. Some marriages could use something more. Give your marriage a shot in the arm from a Marriage Encounter Retreat weekend designed as a tune-up weekend to make a good marriage better (increase your ability to communicate effectively, see one another’s point of view, etc.), or a Retrouvaille weekend designed for couples who have more extreme problems and need marriage help to deal with them.