The Adopt-a-Parishioner program, which began as Adopt-a-Grandparent, is a program that connects our youth with senior parishioners.  Through prayer, well wishes, and even visits, St. Boniface Youth Formation classes learn to care for and show compassion towards a parishioner who may be home bound or ill and in need of encouragement and prayers.

Recently we decided to give this ministry a new look and change the name yet one more time.  We are now referring to it as Caring Connection, to acknowledge the connection between a class and a parishioner that runs both ways, because we all have gifts to share.  Traditionally, we thought of the gift as the action taken by our Youth Formation children to support the parishioner, such as raking leaves. But this new approach recognizes the gift the children receive in return, such as learning valuable lessons from the parishioner’s sharing of a personal story of faith, strength and courage, or teaching the children about a craft or art or a way of living that is no longer remembered.  Caring connection is a way to offer support to each other and build a bond between people who may not have ever met otherwise.  We invite parishioners who would like to share their gifts with our youth to contact Sara Krohnke at