Bonifest, Sunday, August 27
A free picnic-style lunch will be served at Centennial Park on Sunday, August 27 for St. Boniface parishioners. Activities run from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch will be served from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend this FREE, fun-filled afternoon for the entire family. We do, however, request that you RSVP so we can get an accurate head count for food preparation. And, if you could volunteer to assist at this event, view this page.

Health Fair Volunteers Needed
We will be holding our second annual Health and Wellness fair on Oct 7 & 8.  Activities will include a family fun walk, free health screenings, door prizes, kid’s activities, crafts and much more!  It will take many volunteers to make this a success. If you are able to assist please contact Sara Krohnke, Health Minister, at or call her at 515-987-4597.

Catechists needed for Fall 2017 Youth Formation
For Fall 2017 we are offering three sessions (4:30, 5:45 & 7:00) for a total of 63 classes on Wednesday nights for grades 1 thru 8. On Monday evenings offer one session at 5:45 with 21 classes for grades 1-7. Catechists are needed for these classes. Please contact Amy Slick for more information or two volunteer.

Fall Dinner Committee Chairs Needed
Debbie and Jim Bates have been the co-chairs of our annual Fall Dinner since 2014. They are ready to pass along this role. The proven process they’ve followed is well documented and has been handed down from team to team over the years. They lead an experienced and hard-working committee. You will shadow them this fall and then take full responsibility for the chair position in 2018. If you want to serve in a fun and rewarding way, and want to meet lots of caring parishioners, this role is for you. Please contact Debbie or Jim to learn more; or (515) 770-3039.

RCIA Program (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) will begin September 7. The first part of the program is called Inquiry; it’s an opportunity to learn about the Catholic faith with no expectation of a commitment. There is no fee. Anyone interested in more information about joining the Catholic faith or to register, please contact Deb Purcell in the parish office at 515-987-4597 or

Adaptive Confirmation Program
We are implementing an Adapted Confirmation program this school year for students/adults who would not be able to participate in a traditional program due to a special need.  If you or someone you know would benefit from this type of program, please contact Amy Slick, Youth Formation Director, at or 515-850-1883.

Planter Watering Volunteer Request
On the east side of the church we have three beautiful metal planters donated by parishioners. Currently the planters hold artificial flowers in the summer months and a decorative holiday display the other months. If we can find a volunteer to water plants, the suggestions has been made to switch to real flowering plants during the growing season. If you are interested in watering these plants please email

Share Your Story
A recent Catholic Mirror publication had an excellent article on the DeRocher family from Norwalk. The article explained the role and importance of the Catholic Church in their family, which includes three young daughters. St. Boniface would like to do similar articles we could publish in our bulletin and place on our website on what our Catholic community means to you. Don’t worry about writing a perfect article. We will be more than happy to edit your copy and share it with you before publication for your final approval. If you are interested in sharing your story, please email for details.

St. Boniface Golf Outing,  July 6th, Legacy Golf Course
View two online slide shows of the annual KC golf outing, or watch an online YouTube slide show video of the event.

Boniface Plus Group Forms
In April, a parish survey was taken to determine the feasibility of forming a group of parishioners 50 years of age and older. There were 76 survey responses expressing interest. A group was formed with the mission statement being: A faith community of parishioners ages 50+ for social time, service, prayer and support.
The first event was an evening  of music at the Jasper Winery on Thursday, July 13. View images of the event here. Watch the bulletin and website for announcements of upcoming outings. Hopefully you will find some of the events of interest and attend.  All are welcome! If you have additional questions, please contact Wayne Chizek at or by calling him at 515-250-4617.

Young professionals group needs a leader
Recently a group of parishioners launched Boniface Plus, a social group for church members 50 years of age and older. At the same time this group was forming, another two parishioners were looking at creating a young professionals group within the parish as well. They started their efforts with a survey and received a favorable response. Unfortunately, both of the young ladies who were spearheading this effort relocated, and had to bow out of their roles. If anyone is interested in moving the efforts of a young professionals group forward, please contact Marlen Kemmet at the parish office.

We are beginning an outreach program to the homeless by coordinating our efforts through the Joppa organization. One of the ways that we committed ourselves is to purchase the construction of one of the tiny homes. This 100 sq. ft. structure will be part of a homeless village. There will be central toilets and utilities. The cost of a tiny home $6,000. Joppa have started the project early, so our money is due early. I know that many of you were attracted to helping build this, so we are taking contributions now.  For more info, contact Fr. Vince at or 515-778-9370.

Hospitality (Coffee and Donuts) volunteers needed
Here’s an easy but fulfilling way to give back to the parish – help with Hospitality weekends. You’re at Mass anyway and probably have shared some donuts and socializing over the years on these weekends. Maybe it’s time to put yourself on the other side of the table and pour some juice or coffee for others. It’s a great way to make people happy and see new faces. And it doesn’t take much time at all – just one hour every other month or so. You just need to help at the Mass you usually attend. Volunteer by yourself, with some friends or make it a family ministry (your Confirmation kids or high schoolers will even get service hour credits). If interested, contact Patrick or Yvette Burton at or call or text 515-419-3475. Thank you!

Ushers and Greeters Needed
Ted Hawkins, Pastoral Council Chairperson, spoke at all Masses this past weekend about the need to make room in our pews for the many new families that have joined this past year and will be joining in the next few years. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ted via email. Here are the main points from his talk:

  • We have seen a net increase of 100 new families per year – which works out to about 350 new parishioners. We want all members of our community to experience a sense of welcoming and hospitality – whether that is a friendly “Hello” at the door or help finding a seat.
  • The current pool of volunteer ushers / greeters isn’t large enough to adequately handle these near-capacity crowds. The option of adding another weekend Mass really is not a viable option as there are no other priests who can assist us with one additional Mass a weekend.  Most of the weekends during the spring through fall,  Fr. Vince has  a wedding on Saturday and usually three baptisms each weekend; he is not able to add another Mass on Sunday mornings.
  • To make room for growth, we are asking all of you to consider helping by volunteering to be a greeter or usher. By adding another 50 greeters and 50 ushers to the volunteer list, we can certainly provide a welcoming atmosphere and help others in our parish find a place to sit. Since you are already coming to Mass, this doesn’t add any extra time to your already-busy schedules. (See information below about volunteering to be a greeter or usher.)

Lastly, Father has talked about a number of ways everyone can help; let’s make these a regular habit when attending:

  • Please try to arrive early. As Father has said, the priest should be the last one to enter the sanctuary.
  • Please fill seats from the front to the back. I promise this isn’t like being in class – if you sit at the front, Father won’t call on you to answer a question.
  • And finally, please fill in the space in the pews to ensure there is enough space for all. If you’re at the end of a row, consider sliding in to allow others to fill in more efficiently.  This is especially helpful for families with young children who may need to make a quick exit in the event of a meltdown or other parishioners who are volunteering .

This is your congregation, let’s make it a good one. No, wait.  Someone recently said being good is not good enough—let’s make it a great one!

Volunteer Information:
Your parish needs your support! Please consider volunteering to be an usher or a greeter (or both!). If we get enough volunteers, you can plan to be scheduled just once a month and maybe less frequently depending on how many people volunteer. We welcome individuals, couples and entire families to train for either position.

Funeral Luncheon Volunteers Needed
With the generous donations from loved ones’ families to defray the cost of food and with donations of salads and desert from parishioners, volunteers serve funeral luncheons and give families a time to share memories. If you would like to be involved with this ministry, contact Barb Arkwright at

Traffic flow after Masses request
To facilitate a smoother exit from our parking lot after Mass we are asking all parishioners to review this traffic flow map. By following the directions, yellow arrows for those who park in the North Parking lot and red arrows for those who park in the South Parking lot, we will be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to exit in half. We appreciate everyone’s help in this matter!