2017 Vacation Bible School
St. Boniface Vacation Bible School is on June 12 to June 15 (Monday through Thursday). We are offering both a morning session and an evening session again this year. The morning session is from 9:00 – 11:30 am each day; the evening session is 6:00 – 8:00 pm each day. Register for either the morning or the evening session.

Traffic flow after Masses request
To facilitate a smoother exit from our parking lot after Mass we are asking all parishioners to review this traffic flow map. By following the directions, yellow arrows for those who park in the North Parking lot and red arrows for those who park in the South Parking lot, we will be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to exit in half. We appreciate everyone’s help in this matter!

Free, six-week health workshop for parents
A child’s health begins with the parents. For this reason, Dr Sears developed the L.E.A.N Start program geared to educate parents in four areas: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition.  Join us for this free six-week workshop and help your child learn now to take care of the body and mind they were given. The sessions will be led by Sara Krohnke, the parish Health Minister, who is a Certified Health Coach. The six-week program will meet on Wednesdays beginning May 3 and ending June 7. For more information contact Sara Krohnke, skrohnke@stbonifacechurch or call her at 987-4597. Click here for more details.

Military Support Drive
This year’s Military Support Drive will be from April 17 thru April 30. This year we are asking for your generosity as we include, along with our deployed parishioners, the homeless veterans in the metro area, the VA Hospital, and those veterans in various outpatient programs.  Baskets will be in both entrances for donations.
For the VA and outpatient programs, needed items for men are shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and brushes. Women’s needs are shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes, deodorant, body wash and feminine hygiene products.  Other items needed are canisters of coffee, gift cards for groceries or gas, cash to purchase bus tokens.
For our deployed parishioners, personal care items, wrapped candy and snacks, gum and current  magazines. Cash to help with postage is very helpful. If you have a deployed family member we might not know about and would like a Care Package, please call 987-2551.

Community Outreach Co-Chairs Seek Replacements
“Make sure you pick up an empty grocery sack to fill with school supplies!” “Grab a foil pan on your way out for the Salvation Army breakfast casserole drive!” Sound familiar? If you’ve ever participated in these activities, you’ve played a key role in assisting the St. Boniface mission to promote community building to foster our growth in faith.
Meet Kelly Steer and Cathy Peters, outgoing co-chairs of the Community Outreach Program. From 2014 to present, these ladies were in charge of the School Supply Drive, the program to collect and serve breakfast casseroles at the Salvation Army Mobile Canteen, the Heartwarming Collection, Winter Coat Collection, and Community Blood Drive. For several of the events, subcommittees exist, making these doable activities without a major time commitment.
We are presently seeking a pair of new volunteers to head up this important and vital committee. If you are interested please contact Marlen Kemmet at mkemmet@stbonifacechurch.org.

Volunteers needed to take Communion to home-bound individuals
Parish Life is happening around you! It’s the spirit you feel when you walk through the church doors, when you celebrate Mass with your parish family, as you walk out the doors chatting with friends old and new headed out into the day with you. Would you be willing to take the spirit a bit farther? We have several parishioners in need of that same spirit, but they can’t come to Mass due to being homebound or having a disability. They need someone to bring Communion to them, along with a short visit. Can you help? We need volunteers to take Communion to homebound individuals. This can be on your schedule, usually weekly, to a parishioner in their home. Training is easy — meet with Sara at your convenience. Make a difference in someone’s life! Contact Sara Krohnke at skrohnke@stbonifacechurch.org or 515-987-4597.

Ushers and Greeters Needed
Ted Hawkins, Pastoral Council Chairperson, spoke at all Masses this past weekend about the need to make room in our pews for the many new families that have joined this past year and will be joining in the next few years. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ted via email. Here are the main points from his talk:

  • We have seen a net increase of 100 new families per year – which works out to about 350 new parishioners. We want all members of our community to experience a sense of welcoming and hospitality – whether that is a friendly “Hello” at the door or help finding a seat.
  • The current pool of volunteer ushers / greeters isn’t large enough to adequately handle these near-capacity crowds. The option of adding another weekend Mass really is not a viable option as there are no other priests who can assist us with one additional Mass a weekend.  Most of the weekends during the spring through fall,  Fr. Vince has  a wedding on Saturday and usually three baptisms each weekend; he is not able to add another Mass on Sunday mornings.
  • To make room for growth, we are asking all of you to consider helping by volunteering to be a greeter or usher. By adding another 50 greeters and 50 ushers to the volunteer list, we can certainly provide a welcoming atmosphere and help others in our parish find a place to sit. Since you are already coming to Mass, this doesn’t add any extra time to your already-busy schedules. (See information below about volunteering to be a greeter or usher.)

Lastly, Father has talked about a number of ways everyone can help; let’s make these a regular habit when attending:

  • Please try to arrive early. As Father has said, the priest should be the last one to enter the sanctuary.
  • Please fill seats from the front to the back. I promise this isn’t like being in class – if you sit at the front, Father won’t call on you to answer a question.
  • And finally, please fill in the space in the pews to ensure there is enough space for all. If you’re at the end of a row, consider sliding in to allow others to fill in more efficiently.  This is especially helpful for families with young children who may need to make a quick exit in the event of a meltdown or other parishioners who are volunteering .

This is your congregation, let’s make it a good one. No, wait.  Someone recently said being good is not good enough—let’s make it a great one!

Volunteer Information:
Your parish needs your support! Please consider volunteering to be an usher or a greeter (or both!). If we get enough volunteers, you can plan to be scheduled just once a month and maybe less frequently depending on how many people volunteer. We welcome individuals, couples and entire families to train for either position.

Funeral Luncheon Volunteers Needed
With the generous donations from loved ones’ families to defray the cost of food and with donations of salads and desert from parishioners, volunteers serve funeral luncheons and give families a time to share memories. If you would like to be involved with this ministry, contact Barb Arkwright at barbarkwri@gmail.com