I was watching golf on TV which means there was nothing else on TV.
And on one of the ‘lazy susan’s’ in the middle of a water hazard that had a new $50,000 Buick.
It goes to the one who can make a ‘’hole in one” on a long par 3.
The ball goes up over a small rise…………and slowly there is screaming and cheering………………you’ve won the Buick.
You felt great at noon but miserable at 5 p.m. because you didn’t make the cut.
Which means you’ve pretty much eliminated yourself from the $10 million
Fed-Ex Cup.
You might say to yourself, “all in all it was a good day”
But you would be lying to yourself because:
(that’s off one of my Barnes & Noble refrigerator magnets)
You get into your Buick which drives like a school bus……which you owe 25% tax on, so you have to sell it and buy a used Plymouth Duster and you drive to Mobile.
This is actually a Tiger Woods story (I made up the Duster part)
This was actually 2 years ago on his 5th attempt at a come-back.
He was GREAT! He knew he was GREAT……which makes him comfortable.
+And he cheated on his wife a hundred times…..and she broke his putter
on the windshield as he tried to get away.
+We don’t believe that God ‘gets you’ for doing horrible things but this
seemed really close—because he has never recovered.

Life is not defined by being comfortably great……………rather:
Comfortable is not great enough!
(that’s off one of my Barnes & Noble refrigerator magnets)
I’m sure Golf doesn’t translate perfectly into faith and parish life, but
A true athlete, like an Olympian, wants to move from
And if they don’t work to get there, then you are soon beginning to weaken.
That paraphrases the Quote by Pope Francis that I’ve been using these past weeks:
If you are not growing as a church….you are stalled and will soon be in decline!
If it is true that Life truly begins at the edge of our comfort zone, then we are challenged to take a great risk of faith.
It’s from good to great to on-fire………we must take a leap of faith to a
Friends, for that to happen: We’re Under Construction!
Together we will be seeking out new levels of ownership, involvement, and participation………………an ever-increasing sense of meaning for parish life.

Simply to settle for a 2,4,6% increase in participation guarantees we will soon be back where we started.
It’s OK to ask: What’s in it for me? Why should I take such a risk?We think the pay-off is spectacular….and we intend to prove it to you!
We want to be able TAKE A BIGGER RISK than others think is safe……….
We want to CARE MORE than others think is wise……………..
We want to DREAM MORE than others think is practical……………..
We want to EXPECT MORE OF OURSELVES that others may think is possible……….
(that’s off of one of my Barnes & Noble refrigerator magnets)
Should I be worried that I have set the tone of this transformation from the front of 3 refrigerator magnets?
You know me: There’s only 3 places I get good material:
Great Clips, movies, and Barnes and Noble Book Store
“It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life, and it is nearly impossible to have a meaningful life without a meaningful community of support.”
Can we make that leap of faith happen….bounding forward to a more meaningful parish community?
It’s our plan to find out!
We have gifted parish leaders, a great staff, and myself.
We have been chosen to lead, so we are going to lead!
????from where to where????
From just a system of beliefs that used to define a Christian but to a
way of life that reflects the mission of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.
A moral vision of awakening.
The parish leaders are IN! The parish staff are IN! I’M ALL IN!
I know that you want to be the first in too………it’s going to be great! I can feel it!