I like Arena football where the score is 110 – 90.

That means it was excruciating for me to watch the European soccer championship between Portugal and France.  For the longest time, it was 0 to 0.

Towards the end, a player kicked the ball from right in front of his own goalkeeper the length of the 120 yard field.  The way the players were positioned, the ball rolled until the other goalkeeper charged it.

I know soccer balls don’t talk, but if it could…

“I rolled 100 yards and if that goalie wouldn’t have gotten in my way, I would have rolled in for a goal! Nonetheless, I made it 90% of the way (that’s an A!)”

Players might have said:

“That’s a good try, but GOOD ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH!!”

And being that they lost the match 1-0, GOOD ENOUGH will never be remembered. It was back to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

If I were their FOOTBALL coach (which I can never see happening), I would have a follow-up to GOOD ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! And it is:  ‘We go from GOOD to GREAT to ON FIRE!’

And the players might say ‘that’s too far!  It’s an easier path to being GREAT!’

I’m not sure how well SOCCER TEAM translates to TEAM BONIFACE, but I bet it does. TEAM BONIFACE is a good team, with glimpses of being a GREAT TEAM. As I said last week, we have the highest percentage of people coming to church in the metro area; that’s about 55%, and the rest of the parishes are downhill from there.

We have a great staff who do not look at what they do as jobs, rather they have ministries. Our music is good to great and every so often, my homily reaches its potential.

But that makes us GOOD TO GREAT!

And it also makes us settle for comfortable, even if it is a positive comfortable.

But being comfortable soon leads to being satisfied that the soccer ball goes 100 yards (90% of the way), but soon rolls to a stop, and the opponent has the advantage.

In this prolonged soccer analogy, who is the opponent in our Christian life that now has the advantage?

The opponent has 11 key players who work 24/7:

1         I can go it alone

2         Satisfied with a lack of meaning

3        Losing one’s direction

4        Doubting my faith

5        Settling for less

6        Comfortable works for me

7        Divide and conquer

8        I don’t need any help

9        I’ve survived so far

10     It’s OK to be a WIMP

11      And the goalkeeper: my grandmother can do better than you!




To paraphrase Pope Francis’ quote I used last week:

If you are not growing as a church, you are stalled and will soon be in decline!

TEAM BONIFACE must take a leap of faith to a TRUE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

Friends, for that to happen: We’re Under Construction!

How are we going to do it? Barnes and Noble always has an appropriate refrigerator magnet.  Last week, one said:  GOOD ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH


Mine is from two lines in today’s Gospel:

  1. Whoever does not take up your cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.
  2. Who starts to build a life of faith, but doesn’t calculate the cost to finish it will be made fun of, saying –  he made a foundation and then quit!


‘Building Faith 2.0, Under Construction’ is not about money, it’s about parish life.

It’s a plan to go from Good to Great to On Fire……a True Spiritual Awakening.

Together we will be seeking out new levels of ownership, involvement, and participation. So many people asked last week, “What are we constructing?”

To be perfectly honest, I’m spending last week, this week, and next week seeing whether you feel we want to take the risk as people of St. Boniface to take the foundation we have already begun and transform it in such a way that we are not satisfied with a 2 or 3 or 4 % change, which continues to make us only GOOD—

But rather a LEAP of faith where we can BOUND forward that will give an ever-increasing sense of meaning for our parish community. It’s OK to ask: What’s in it for me? Why should l take such a risk?

Because I think the pay-off is spectacular! I believe the quote for last week:

“It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life, and it is nearly impossible to have a meaningful life without a meaningful community of support.”

It’s our plan to find out.

We have gifted parish leaders, a great staff, and myself.

We have been chosen to lead, so we are going to lead!

????From where to where???

From just a system of beliefs that used to define a Christian, to a way of life that reflects the mission of Jesus Christ in everyday living: a moral vision of awakening.

The parish leaders are IN! The parish staff are IN!



It’s going to be great! I can feel it!