Feeding the Poor Luncheon

By Barb Arkwright

The idea of serving lunch for the poor and homeless in Berlin first began over 10 years ago at the St. Joseph Church in Berlin. The lunch was called “St. Peter’s Poors Dinner”. Several years ago the dinner was moved from St. Joseph Church to the Black Christ Church .

The Lunch for the Poors is served three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There are 6-8 groups who each take one week to shop, cook and serve the meals for that week. Some of the groups are the Rosary Prayer Group or the Women’s Prayer Group. Other churches have different groups that serve.

The people who attend the lunch generally live in or near the location of the Black Christ Church. They come, carrying small containers and some have only lids from containers. They walk to the church. Some eat outside while others take the food home.

When the St. Boniface delegation is in Berlin, they always schedule a day to provide funding for and actually serve the lunch to those in need.

Two personal experiences shared by St. Boniface delegates who served lunch on Thursday, January 14, 2016:

Yesterday at the lunch known as “Feeding the Poors” my heart was filled when assisting the elderly out of the church with their small meal. What moved me were their kisses to my cheeks and their promise to pray for me. I have only the photos of their faces in my mind as forever memories. I am truly blessed.

We helped one elderly lady, who could only shuffle, ever so slowly, out of the church with her food into the street. I was concerned she would not make it to the corner. Her Guardian Angel was walking with her. As she got to the corner, she stopped, opened her little Baggie and broke off a small bite of pupusas. She then gave it to a starving dog, patted it on the head, and shuffled off. My heart is filled to overflowing.

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