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Celebrating the Eucharist with Respect & Grace
The Catholic Church believes that Christ appears in the Eucharistic liturgy in these ways:  The Consecration of the Bread and Wine; the Word; the actions of the priest who leads the liturgy; and in the full and active participation of those present.  There is to be no audience in the Eucharist.  Everyone who is called to be present must be in the disposition of knowing the depth of their honor and responsibility to bring the Lord’s presence, both personally and communally. Christ may be fully present, but to be fully received, the faithful must accept their crucial role in the Eucharistic celebration.

Welcoming presence
Our church is in the round and we can see each other. This benefits participation, but also makes one noticed when not participating

Commit to weekly Mass
“Every member, every Sunday”

Be on time
The Church says that the priest—the leader of the community—should be the last one to enter and the first one leading out

Fill the pews in efficient order
Fill pews from the front to back and from the middle to the aisles. We are expecting 200 new people to attend Mass this coming year and we need to fit in a communal space.

Speak up
Everyone speaking in a normal energized voice will invigorate the community

Sing out
Participate in the singing by finding the song and participate from lip-syncing to full throated. We stay and sing until the song has ended.

Make sign of the cross with blessed water
It is a symbol of our communal baptism

Actions and gestures enhance the celebrating: the sign of the cross; blessing the forehead before the Gospel; raising hands for the Lord’s Prayer

Restroom breaks
Parents should check with their children upon entering as to whether they need to use the restroom. This will decrease movement during the Mass that draws attention away from the celebration.

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