The Multi-Media Communications Committee moves forward

Two years ago the Multi-Media Communications Committee (previously the Tech Committee) was formed at St. Boniface to investigate and implement methods to better promote and share the numerous events and groups within our church. Kayla Engebrecht headed this successful group during the start-up and recently passed the leadership baton to Jen Gohring. We sat down with Jen to learn her ideas to keep this exciting group moving forward.

Q. Prior to heading up this committee you were heavily involved with the social-media subcommittee. Can you tell us a little of your work there?
I’ve been on this committee for less than a year, but am proud to have contributed to our Facebook rotation. The leaders of the social-media committee have done a great job getting our page up and running and developing a system to keep adding posts every few days. I have really enjoyed being able to create content for our Facebook page that resonates with people as well as interact with parishioners when they have questions or comments for us.

Q. Can you give a few examples of new projects you’d like to implement?
I would really like to do some features on some of the groups we have at the church. Articles in the bulletin, Facebook stories, stories on the website, to promote all of the great work we do. There are so many groups to be involved with at our parish: music ministry, pastoral care, Diapers on a Mission, and many others. I would love to spread the word about what makes these groups successful and how our parishioners can offer their support to them.

Q. In an era where people are extremely busy with numerous activities, what do you attribute to being able to keep people engaged and working within this committee?
A. I think our committee is unique in the fact that we are a “do what you want to do” kind of group. Everyone has their own unique talents to bring to the table, and the fact that you can work on projects you are passionate about makes it exciting. We encourage everyone to bring up ideas they want to implement and let them run with it. This kind of approach has really enabled us to think outside the box and complete activities that I think have been very valuable to the church.

Q. If you had to pick one project that has had the biggest effect on the church enacted by this committee, what would that be?
A. Our Facebook page has been a HUGE success. It has been a great way to keep parishioners updated on upcoming events, as well as sharing fun stories and pictures of our parish or even just inspiring messages to perk up your day. We are up to 846 likes and would love to hit the 1,000 mark this year! You can find us on Facebook at

Q. The committee racked up numerous successful projects the past two years, how do you keep that momentum?
A. We have some brand new projects that will be hopefully be rolling out in the next few months and I think those will be exciting for our parish. We are also always looking for fresh ideas from new people, so if you have a knack for something or just want to see what we are all about, come to a meeting! We are always looking for more photographers and videographers as well, so if you just have an hour here or there to help with that, you are always welcome!

If you are interested in serving on this exciting committee, please attend a meeting or contact Jen Gohring at or Marlen Kemmet at  Average time commitment per month is just an hour or two.

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